Who We Are


OUR VISION:  Seeking Racial Equity by Ending Systemic Racism


PROJECT LIGHT focuses on passing sound Legislation and changing Hearts & Minds to bridge racial unity and open opportunity.  


Legislative Changes:   Impacting Systemic Racism

Human Rights & Positive Police Reforms & Every Vote Counts 

Community LOVE eventsChanging Hearts & Minds  

BREAK BREAD 2020    &    UNITY RALLIES       &       SUNBEAMS




Have you ever asked, "what can I do Where do I start?" 


We had the same questions.  Have you ever heard Jeff Bezos theory of Two Pizzas?  Ask us; we'd love to tell you.  It proved to be very effective as we continue to grow PROJECT by PROJECT.  The best thing is that your ideas will be listened to and you very likely will have   your own pizza group to fruition with the entire PROJECT LIGHT FAMILY behind you and your team.  


We have grown out of connections made during Leadership Atlanta.   Multiple ages,  personalities and races coalescing together to make real change to systemic racism by shining our light together.  We know DREAMS COME TRUE... especially the ones Dr. Rev Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke to us all about.   


We have pledged to use our influence and leverage our networks and platforms to ensure that every community is a place where all our citizens live in harmony and have equal protection, equal opportunity and equal justice.

Join Us!  Together we can make a lasting difference. The WORLD needs your advocacy!   If our MISSION moves your heart, please join us as we put our efforts into ACTION.  Contact US below... Your LIGHT is needed!!

Project Light Founders - Dr. Bernice A. King, Brian Tolleson, Charles Maxell Jr., Eric Barnum, Faraz Iqbal, Nonet Sykes, P.J. Bain, Gairy Moore, Tameka Rish & Conn Jackson

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We need your LIGHT! 

Join us and help us put an end to systemic racism.

We'd love to involve you and your talents to make the World a better place

through PROJECT LIGHT.  

“If not us, who

If not now, when?"

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